Bar / Lounge

In February of 2008 we expanded by 50% taking over the space to the right of the restaurant in the former Great Canadian Bagel shop. The area has since been converted into to a modern social space seating 90 guests, including a beautiful 22 seat granite bar that overlooks our thousand bottle wine cellar.  Tucked in behind our deli and out of sight from the busy street, our lounge is a bit of a hidden oasis. The atmosphere is a calmer and cozier alternative to the hustle and bustle of the main dining room.  The lounge’s layout offers a quieter experience through lower ceilings and a variety of alternative seating options including: bar style high-tops, traditional bistro seating and a few cozy booths tucked away to the side.  The dining room’s rat pack styled rhythms segue into the lounge’s modern based beats which set the pace for an after work drink, romantic dinner, fun-filled evening with friends or a full blown 100 guest cocktail.

  • Our Enomatic® dispenses wine directly from the bottle using Argon gas preservation. The Argon prevents the wines from oxidization, leaving the flavors and characteristics of the wine to remain intact for up to three weeks. This allows us to offer higher end wines by the glass as if the bottle had just been opened.  The portion control technology allows us pour by the oz and we simply break down the cost of the bottle so that you can have a glass of wine as large as you desire or just a sip to test the waters.
    Melon De Bourgogne, Casa Dea, (PEC, Canada)’15
    1oz   $2.00 oz   $4.00 5oz $10.00
    Vistamare, Gaja, (Tuscany, Italy)’13
    1oz   $4.00 2oz   $8.00 5oz $20.00
    Nuit Blance, Hidden Bench, (Niagara, Canada)’12
    1oz   $3.20 2oz   $6.40 5oz $16.00
    Fiano Di Avellino, Feudi San Gregoria, (Campania, Italy)’12
    1oz   $2.00 2oz   $4.00 5oz $10.00

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Ommegang, Hennepin,(Copperstown, New York) ABV 7.7% IBU 24

This style is a farmhouse ale, and is considered to be in the domain of the Belgian Saisons. Hennepin is a delicious brew for all seasons, it is spicy and refreshing.

Whitewater Brewery, Farmers Daughters Melons, (Ottawa, Ontario) ABV5% IBU 22

Everyone’s favorite from Whitewater with light yet defined flavor from locally sourced hop’s with a subtle touch of watermelon.

Nita, Chaunsey , English IPA, (Ottawa, Ontario) ABV 6.6%

With tropical and piney hoppy notes on the nose and well balanced malt, bitterness and alcohol make this an easy drinking IPA.